Selection Process / Terms and Conditions

2 weeks acceleration in San Francisco

Selection Process / Terms and Conditions


Selection Process

Brilliant Lab “BL” will start receiving applications by our online “Calling for Applicants” campaign will start in 3 of September 2016, followed by a session for each applicants as ( one – O- one ) to brief them about the program policy and to answer all your question , comments or concerns.

Our Selection Criteria.

This year, we aim to select only 7 entrepreneur’s in total from 5 different countries (Kuwait – Lebanon, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Egypt) with the highest potential and nurture their talents to achieve their full goals. We strive to create an environment that fosters a rich and satisfying learning experience amongst strong ambitious entrepreneurs. The applicants will be ranked based on in the following:

• Proficiency of their English (speaking , reading and writing)
• Financial feasibility of the business
• Scalability of the business
• Clarity of the presentation
• Presentation skills
• Knowledge of the market

Terms and condition:

1- A valid U.S visa that covers the program period in San Francisco.
2- 7 applicants will choosen from GCC market.
3- Websites, Mobile Apps or software businesses are eligible to apply.
4- The website or the mobile apps should be at the final stages of prototype or maximum 2 years of operation.
5- Fluency in English is mandatory and its required by “Mind the Bridge”
6- All applicants are required to do a 5 minutes presentations, with any presentation tool (Power point, PDF, Prizi…etc.) and should bring 4 hard copies to the consultation day.
7- Selected applicants will be asked to sign the “Program Joining” contract.

Scholarship available

Our main goal at Bbrilliant Lab is to create an economic effect by engaging our sponsors in both the private and government sector to support startups, so all submitted applicants may choose to cover the program tuition cost by clicking on the scholarship box below.

Very important!!!

    1) Scholarship applicants, should agree on displaying ads of the sponsors and future collaboration in their startup.
    2) Scholarship final approval will be announced by the end of our registration period.
    3) Scholarship is not guaranteed to all submitted applicants (selective)
    4) In case the applicant would like to cover his own cost, you may check the program cost section.


Our Partners And Association

Program Introduction, Training, Final Report, How did we help our participants, Participant Survey

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