What is Brilliant Lab Startup School?

Brilliant Lab Startup School is a hands-on education and mentoring program that helps make entrepreneurs, engineers and others who are part of Arab venture support systems focus on what really matters by developing their businesses for the right customers and quickly getting market traction.

It will accomplish this by providing a tailored curriculum, programs and events to properly train aspiring entrepreneurs in the various required disciplines. To begin, BLSS will utilize available local facilities and engage faculty from a global pool of resources to teach courses through a curriculum modeled after courses taught at leading management institutions worldwide.

At the end of our program, participants will be able to communicate their value proposition orally and in in writing via:

  • Value statements
  • One page Executive Summary
  • 5 minute presentation to their peers, mentors and potential partners.

Early stage entrepreneurs, coworkers, engineers, scientists or startups looking to build their A-Team.
How does the program work?
Entrepreneurship education is the key focus of the school, and we aim to address entrepreneurial needs in order to transform ideas into new ventures worthy of financial support.
In the beginning of our two-week program, participants will be divided into different groups so that we may offer them:

  • Theoretical and experimental learning of what it takes to be international startups.
  • Workshops which are tailored to address the business component needs of entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Attending and participating in networking events, which will require international travel.
  • Site visits to iconic companies, successful startups, different incubators and financial institutes. This will include travelling to institutes and businesses such as Wayra, Apple, Google, Stanford and IE Business School.

  • Looking at your business components from your business model perspective.
  • Pivot around your business (What can be done better?)
  • Marketing and PR.
  • Startup Financial Model.
  • Investments outlook and success drivers.
  • Exit strategy.
  • Presentation skills (This either makes you or breaks you.)

How You Can Apply

Where is Brilliant Lab Startup School located?

Our Partners And Association

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