Zain Great Idea

Zain Great Idea

Zain Great Idea is a corporate social responsibility program established by Zain, associated with IE Business School in Madrid, and Brilliant Lab (a Startup Accelerator Services from Kuwait).

The main aim of the program is to educate and nurture local Kuwaiti entrepreneurs in vital areas of their businesses. The duration of the program was 9 months, and is specialized for entrepreneurs who are looking to establish their startup businesses and those who wish to accelerate their business plan with international standards.

Zain great idea was a unique opportunity that contained diversified beneficial aspects. It had a spectacular combination of Kuwaiti youth, who were exposed to both social and economical business practices. Needless to express, a challenging exercise is to take 35 participants and manage each and everyone in an international program.

We would like to stress and extend our appreciation to all parties involved; the participants, Zain and Brilliant Lab.

Finally the program was divided into 5 stages:

  • Calling for applicants
  • Filtration and selection for the top 35 startup.
  • Participant’s enrolled in a 2 weeks acceleration program at IE Bunsiess School in Madrid Spain.
  • Prototype all the 35 startup as One – O – one session with brilliant lab managements team back in Kuwait.
  • A venture day were all the 35 participants pitched and show case their businesses in front of the local finial community in Kuwait

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Program Introduction, Training, Final Report, How did we help our participants, Participant Survey

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