Tech Guru kw

Tech Guru kw

Program Executive Summary

Selecting top 10 owners of a small online business to enroll in a fast track two modules Startup Acceleration Program with Brilliant Lab

  • Module 1: Mind The Bridge foundation (MTB), one of the leading online incubators in Silicon Valley, San Francisco, USA.
  • Module 2: Mentoring sessions in Brilliant Lab Kuwait.
  • Target participants: Entrepreneurs with an actual online website or mobile app.
  • Program Period: DEC 2013 – FEB 2014

Program Objective

TECH GURUS is a Kuwaiti social initiative that aims to incubate Kuwaiti online and mobile apps startups in order to give them an exposure to the international standards applied in the world of Tech startups in Silicon Valley, which is a major city for online startups such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Google among many others. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs should be able to reshape their business models according to the top standards. The program will also give the opportunity for those startups to pitch their business to a wide range of investors at the end program period.

Program Partner

Brilliant Lab is partnering with Mind The Bridge foundation to conduct
a three weeks Acceleration Program in Silicon Valley, San Francisco.

Our Partners And Association

Program Introduction, Training, Final Report, How did we help our participants, Participant Survey

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