Brilliant Lab Startup Roadshow

Brilliant Lab Startup Roadshow

Oct 2015 Brilliant Lab Startup Roadshow In Madrid South Summit, Spain.


Kuwaiti startup accelerator Brilliant Lab has just announced the 3 winners of its 5th startup competition.

The winners will be showcased at the South Summit in Madrid (Spain) from October 7 to 10, 2015, and is sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. The summit is Europe’s largest gathering for startups, and it will give participants a chance to network with over 3,500 entrepreneurs and 450 investment bodies from around the world.

Meet the Winners

In this edition, Brilliant Lab received over 20 applications from early-stage startups who had just launched their products or were still in their prototype stage. Here are the 3 winners:

1. Boxit 

Boxit is an innovative physical storage space idea based on a pay-per-use model. Instead of paying for a full space – regardless of how much they fill it – customers pay only for the space their items use up. This idea has its roots in the modern IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud model. The Boxit app allows customers to manage their storage with an online photo catalogue, and also request pickup and delivery of items.

2. Bookr

The Bookr app is a handpicked directory of the best wellness providers in Kuwait. It allows both subscribed and new customers to book appointments, purchase memberships, or buy prepaid packages. For wellness businesses, the Bookr cloud-based store management system helps venues manage their workflow and customer relations with built-in analytics and advertising tools. 

3. Bubble Rumble:

This free-to-play action game pits players against each other in a battle to collect the most balloons.Bubble Rumble is available for free on Google Play and also proposes in-game purchases.

From Kuwait, to Madrid, and the World

Organized in partnership with the US embassy in Kuwait, the Brilliant Lab competition is held twice a year. It is open to tech startups based in Kuwait with an emphasis on software, mobile apps, and web services.

Selected applicants then attend a week-long workshop during which they are introduced to finance for entrepreneurs, and coached in drafting and promoting value propositions, as well as pitching to investors.

At the South Summit, the winning startups will be mentored by top experts, and will also be exposed to wide investment opportunities worldwide, with the opportunity to pitch their ideas.

Brilliant Lab will also showcase 3 growing startups from Kuwait:

1. 965 Flowers, an online marketplace for customizing and ordering flowers, chocolates, and gifts.

2. Aiywa, a mobile app developers

3. Myu, a mobile bulletin and messaging app for schools and students

About Brilliant Lab

Since 2013, Brilliant Lab has received more than 600 applications by Kuwaiti entrepreneurs, and has accelerated over 70 startups in collaboration with Zain Kuwait, Ooredoo, the Kuwaiti Ministry of Youth, and the US embassy in the country.

Brilliant Lab’s global acceleration model is in association with IE Venture Lab in Madrid’s IE Business School and Mind the Bridge, the San Francisco-based startup accelerator. By 2016, the accelerator also aims to offer startups a workspace and IT infrastructure.


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