2 weeks acceleration in San Francisco




The MtB Startup Business School gives you the “nuts and bolts” regarding entrepreneurship, business planning, venture capital market and the Silicon Valley ecosystem.

Honest Feedback:

Thanks to the Gym Session, all participants get the chance to present their business ideas in front of a panel of selected mentors and entrepreneurs. Participants will also have several 1:1 sessions (“office hours”) provided by MTB mentors.

Business idea fine tuning:

By taking part in the MtB Startup School, everyone can benefit from the discussion of business ideas as well as the education program in the morning.


Through the organization of internal and external events, participants will be exposed to the local community of startups and investors. In addition, the school program includes site visits and meetings with executives at some iconic Silicon Valley companies such as Google, Zynga, Facebook, Twitter and Universities (Stanford, UC Berkeley).

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