Brilliant Lab (BL) startup acceleration services is an independent entity that was established in 2011 by founder Neda Aldihany, who obtained his MBA from IE Business School in 2011 after majoring in the establishment and management of startups. In order to achieve maximum knowledge and exposure for local startups in the G.C.C area, BL engaged in an international collaborative effort with various European and American entrepreneurs and bodies. During this collaboration, entrepreneurs were able to study various startup cases as well as experience the facilities at Venture Lab in IE Business School in Madrid, one of the top ranked business schools for entrepreneurs in the world. In addition, the entrepreneurs from the G.C.C. also worked with Mind the Bridge, one of the best Silicon Valley startup acceleration service providers

BL seeks to achieve its objective of establishing Kuwait as a regional leader in new product and venture development through a multi-disciplinary approach that includes:

  • Running Business Plan Competitions on a regular basis.
  • Providing infrastructure support, expertise, and knowledge exchange for technology-based startups in Kuwait.
  • Building a network to stimulate the exchange of entrepreneurial skills through various programs and events.


To invest in knowledge and human capital by supporting the development of new technology enterprises and creating links between our entrepreneurs, private and government bodies and the venture capitalist community.

To be recognized as the premier destination for entrepreneurial skills in Kuwait and the G.C.C region by offering world-class service to entrepreneurs.

Incubate new technology ventures by developing human capital, intellectual property, and the resources to commercialize proven technologies.

  • Train men and women who will make new startup ventures successful.
  • Strengthen the capacity in Kuwait for creativity, innovation, and technology entrepreneurship through the development of knowledge and institutions that support teaching and research in these domains.
  • Actively participate in a worldwide network for training, research, and practice of innovation and entrepreneurship in order to gain access to the latest thinking and opportunities as well as to share and demonstrate Kuwait's entrepreneurial capacity.
  • Stimulate the exchange of expertise and knowledge to shape the environment for technology-based entrepreneurship in Kuwait through international cooperation.
  • Build a strong network and community in Kuwait around entrepreneurship through courses, seminars, conferences, programs, events, networking, awards, and Business Plan Competitions.

Our Partners And Association

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