Acceleration Program

Deal or No Deal!

BL will offer some potential startup school graduates up to 6-months “make it or leave it” acceleration service that will function as an office that offers the following services to entrepreneurs:

  • Space and business infrastructure: Leased office space, including flexible conference rooms that can be sized to accommodate the changing needs of a startup and that can be acquired quickly and easily without long-term lease commitments. This includes space, connectivity and server hosting, as well as furniture and technical support.
  • Mentoring: Expertise on how to start and grow a company, often accomplished through shared interactions in common space, involvement of experienced entrepreneurs in residence who have offices in the incubator, and through access to a network of outside expertise.
  • Capital: up to 50,000 $ Can be in the form of cash investments in exchange of equity in the startup, subsidized space or services that are cash equivalents, or investments in other resources.


We have a special interest to invest in startups with the following area.

  • E- Learning
  • Retiles
  • MobileApps
  • E – Food
  • E – Commerce
  • E – Health
  • Technology

Management Support

Day-to-day running of the business

Legal advice, including, where applicable, partners term sheet agreement ,Mandoob and corporate licenses services

Direct monitoring by the BL management teams and mentors.

How You Can Apply

Our Partners And Association

Program Introduction, Training, Final Report, How did we help our participants, Participant Survey

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